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We want to help you move from where you are to where God wants you to be. Through our ministries, you can expect to grow closer to God, live your purpose, and serve others in the community and throughout the world. Learn more about our ministries below and how you can get involved at New Day.

Are you interested in joining a ministry? Register for Discover New Day to find out how you can help at New Day. Once you’ve completed Discover New Day, sign up to get involved in a ministry.

The Audio/Visual Team is responsible for setting up, facilitating, and breaking down the audio equipment and connections for Sunday service. This includes the computer equipment necessary to display the images, videos, and slideshows for each Sunday service.

Children’s Choir
The Children’s Choir is responsible for training and developing students vocally to minister once a month. The team rehearses with the children’s choir 2-3 times a month. 

The Redeemed Dance Team members rehearse weekly and minister monthly. Team members also minister in solos or as a team during morning worship.


The Drama Team is responsible for directing, casting, acting, and rehearsing for drama productions. Members prepare and perform major productions usually twice a year and smaller skits at various times throughout the year.

The Multimedia Team is responsible for photo/videography, graphic design, publications, video production, social media, and website development. Members meet quarterly as a team but collaborate and meet regularly in their respective departments.

The Worship Team members are the vocalists and musicians who lead the congregation in worship during service. Members rehearse once during the week and minister each Sunday.

Discover New Day
The Discover New Day Team is responsible for the administration and facilitation of each track. Learn more about Discover New Day.


Life Groups
The Life Groups Team is responsible for the administration and facilitation of weekly life groups.


Men’s Fellowship
The Men of Purpose Men’s Ministry Team is responsible for coordinating men’s fellowships and events.


Women’s Fellowship
The Girlfriends Women’s Ministry Team is responsible for coordinating women’s fellowships and events.


Young Adult Fellowship
The Young Adult Fellowship Team is responsible for coordinating young adult fellowships and events.

Personal Ministry
The Personal Ministry Team is responsible for addressing any needs related to the “Call To Discipleship” at any service and/or event.

The Administration Team members assist in the administration of church-wide processes and events. Administration team members may also assist the team leaders of other teams and ministries in their regular administrative duties and processes.

The Communion Team is responsible for the storing, preparation, and management of the elements and supplies used during communion or whenever requested.

The Facilities Team maintains the general systems to ensure they function properly at New Day.  Members of the team maintain and secure equipment, as well as support events with setup and breakdown. 

First Impressions 
Our First Impressions Team are enthusiastic about connecting and helping our members and guests at New Day. The team includes greeters, guest services, parking, and ushers to help guide those who come to New Day.

  • Greeters 
    The Greeter Team is responsible for the greeting of guests and attendees outside and inside the sanctuary during Sunday and after services, conferences, and other similar events.
  • Guest Services 
    The Guest Services Team serves as the point of contact for guests to receive information and ask questions about the vision, mission, and ministry of the church at the Guest Services table located outside the church building.
  • Parking Lot 
    The Parking Lot Team is responsible for welcoming and directing guests and attenders to available parking areas as they arrive at the church.
  • Ushers
    The Usher Team is responsible for ushering guests and attenders inside the sanctuary during Sunday service, conferences, and other similar events.

First Responders
The First Responders team members are asked to remain ready and able to properly assist those in need of immediate medical attention and care.

The Hospitality Team is responsible for the coordinating and on-site preparation of food and refreshments for team and church-wide events and meetings.

New Day International

New Day International is responsible for the coordinating, preparing, and launching of each New Day missions trip team. Members prepare for missions trips each year. Members also communicate and minister to our supported missionaries as needed.

The Prayer Team is responsible interceding on behalf of the church as a whole, praying on Sundays during the Worship Service, responding to special prayer requests, facilitating our regular prayer meetings, and implementing a prayer plan within the church.

The Protocol Team proactively coordinate and maintain all systems to ensure they are in order and function properly. Members of the team collaborate with other ministries to make sure that they successfully carry out the activities and processes at New Day services.

The Security Team is responsible for regular patrol and inspection of the church campus during Sunday service or other church events.

Student Ministry
The Student Ministry is responsible for leading the Sunday morning services for children and youth as well as coordinating children and youth events. Membership roles vary between teachers, check-in coordinators, and administrators.

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