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Marriage Ministry

Strong marriages produce strong families, and strong families produce strong communities, which is generationally beneficial. At New Day, we will work diligently to maintain a church culture that assists married couples within our community in repairing and strengthening their marriage, and greatly supporting engaged couples in preparing for their pending union.

New Day’s commitment to marriage ministry will be evidenced by quality workshops, seminars, fellowships, and annual getaways that provide encouragement, relational insight, individual and couple’s counseling, and most importantly, prayer support.

Marriage Ministry Services

Imtasik Family Counseling Services, Inc.

Dr. Ira Lake, Ph.D, M.Div, MA

(951) 289-9335​

Real Therapy Center

Pastor Brian Dunn, MS, MA, LMFT

(951) 433-1027​

Turning Point Counseling

Minister Ty'Jalayah Robertson, MA

(800) 998-6329​

Warren + Joyce Winston

New Day Marriage Ministry Team Leads

Warren and Joyce Winston are a dynamic duo whose marriage is a testimony of their faith, hope, and love. They recently celebrated 39 years of marriage! Together, the Winstons have created a strong generational legacy having, 1 son, 3 daughters, 1 son-in-law, 1 grandson, and 1 granddaughter.

As Team Leads and certified Prepare-Enrich Counselors, Warren and Joyce have helped produce Christ-centered, holy, and wholesome relationships through workshops and fellowships. The Winstons are transparent in sharing their marital journey, and are passionate in helping others understand how to build and strengthen a wholesome marriage.

Contact Warren and Joyce:,

Connect with the Winstons each week! ​

Warren and Joyce also serve as Life Group Facilitators at New Day. 

Join them for Life Groups Tuesdays at 7:00pm