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Offering Confession

Father, we honor You
as we present to You
Your tithes and our offerings.
You are the authority over all we have.

We give in obedience to You O’ God
who causes all grace
to abound towards us.
For we have sufficiency in all things
and abundance for every good work.
There is no lack in our lives.

For we give to the poor
and support the work of missionaries.
Therefore, as we sow our financial seed,
we thank You for the harvest of

Wisdom to manage our financial affairs,
financial favor, oil and mineral rights
jobs and better jobs, raises and bonuses
benefits and promotions

Favorable settlements and rebates,
the return of what’s lost or stolen,
Scholarships and grants,
Increased sales and commissions

The miracle of debt cancellation,
favorable financial surprises,
every bill and every debt paid!

We declare that we not only have enough
but we have more than enough.
We declare that we have enough
to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ
throughout the whole earth!

For we are blessed to be a blessing!
And we will care
for the widows and orphans!
In Jesus’ name, Amen!