A Place to Connect.

Our Life Groups are the best place to connect, grow, and experience a sense of family. The Life Groups Team facilitates a group each week in the Corona, Eastvale, and Riverside areas. For more information or if you would like to be a part of the team, please send us a message below or email lifegroups@newdaycorona.org.

Our Winter Session has begun. Join a group below!


Life Group Facilitator: Carolyn Lusk
7:00 PM
671 View Lane, Corona, CA 92881


Life Group Facilitator: Joyce Wilturner
12:00 PM
AOTC (Church Office): 102 E. Sixth Street, Suite 201, Corona, CA 92879 

Life Group Facilitators: Patrick & Desiree Bell
7:00 PM
10127 Greenhorn Court, Corona, CA 92883

Life Group Facilitators: Timothy & Mandy Johnson
7:00 PM
16234 Hidden Cove Drive, Riverside, CA 92503

Life Group Facilitators: Todd & Cassandra Lynch
7:00 PM
8574 Lourenco Lane, Corona, CA 92880

Life Group Facilitators: Abraham & Mihloti Manase
7:00 PM
2215 Coriander Circle, Corona, CA 92879

Life Group Facilitators: Natalie & Ron Robinson
7:30 PM
6691 Heathgrove Drive, Eastvale, CA 92880



Tiger Life Group Facilitator: Dymonde Cleveland
6:45 PM
4800 Magnolia Avenue, Room 217, Riverside, CA 92506

Life Group Facilitators: Don and Laura Amerson
7:00 PM
3059 Pansy Circle, Corona, CA 92881